Sep 28, 2009


We're starting something new at Slowtrain from this week on out. Every week we're going to have an "Album of the Week." What does that mean? Well, essentially, each week we will choose a specific album from a musician that one, maybe even all, of us love and want to share with you guys. Additionally, we will be offering the album of the week at 10% off for the entire week! Pretty sweet, huh?

So, this week's Album of the Week is Nurses' Apple's Acre. It came out a few months ago and has been on heavy rotation here at the store. First of all, it's on the Dead Oceans label, which should tell you right there that they are something worth checking out. I've heard Nurses described as psych-pop, which I think is the most fitting way to try describing this band. The vocals remind me a lot of Yeasayer and their songs are weird, little-catchy numbers, that really stick with you. The band is currently touring with Le Loup and will be playing at Kilby Court on October 20th! Come have a listen to this album and pick up a ticket to the show. I am really eager to see these guys live...especially after watching this video of them playing a lil' in-store at Sonic Boom in Seattle:


jason in slc said...

Great idea, how about tweaking this into some sort of slowtrain pick of the month subscription? You'd get some front end revenue, drive traffic through the year. We'd get new tunes first thing every month.

Win - Win

Anna said...

funny you should mention it. we've been toying with that idea for a few months now. hopefully we'll have the details fine-tuned into a program that works come 2010. thanks! and stay tuned...