Sep 22, 2009


Sweet, sweet lord. Today was one of the biggest release days we've had since I started working here, which was a little over a year ago (yay!). Seriously, though, did you guys read our weekly email? Did you read it thoroughly? Well, if you didn't, make sure to read this blog thoroughly as I'm going to give you another rundown of the amazing releases that hit the street today (I've always wanted to say that).

Volcano Choir Unmap
Justin Vernon's new project with members of the band Collections of Colonies of Bees. It's not quite what I expected, but lovely nonetheless. It will be perfect for lazy winter days when you're curled up on the couch watching the snow fall. We've got it on a listening post, so come in and have a listen. Make sure to tell me what you think about it...

Why Eskimo Snow
Haven't had a chance to really listen to this yet, but frankly I'm not going to even bother with a listen- I'm just going to purchase it. After Alopecia, they just can't go wrong. At least not in my book. Also, have you picked up a ticket to their show on October 10th? Get on it!

Monsters of Folk Monsters of Folk
I haven't had a chance to listen to this one either, but I'm guessing it's going to be a delight. They had me at Jim James. Seriously.

Sea Wolf White Water, White Bloom
Listening to this little gem as I type this blog. It's reaaaaaaaally lovely. His voice will never cease to amaze me. Sea Wolf will be here this Friday. What's that? Of course we have tickets. $11.50, dudes.

Joshua James Build Me This
This is next on deck for me at the store. I loved his last album and I'm certain this album won't be any different.

Islands Vapours
A more electronic-ish album from an old favorite. I sort of love this album already.

Rain Machine Rain Machine
Kyp Malone's (from TV On The Radio) side project...I really know nothing about it other than that. I'm curious to hear it. Have you listened to it yet? Thoughts? It's sure to be interesting.

Girls Album
I have been looking forward to getting my hands on this album for faaaaar too long (approximately four months). I listened to it at least five times in a row yesterday. I'm probably going to have my "recommended by" sticker on this album for the rest of the time I'm employed at Slowtrain. Just sayin'...

Other super awesome releases:

Beastie Boys Hello Nasty 2xCD/2xLP
The Big Pink A Brief History Of Love CD/LP
Brother Ali Us CD
Cage Movies For The Blind CD
Castanets Texas Rose, The Thaw And The Beasts CD/LP
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis White Lunar 2xCD
Vic Chesnutt At The Cut CD/LP+CD
Early Day Miners The Treatment CD
David Gray Draw The Line CD/2xCD
LCD Soundsystem 45:33 Remixes CD
Le Loup Family CD
Rose Melberg Homemade Ship CD
Amy Millan Masters Of The Burial CD/LP
Múm Sing Along To Songs You Don't Know CD
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Higher Than The Stars CDEP/12"
Peanut Butter Wolf 45 Live CD
Times New Viking Born Again Revisited CD/LP
he Twilight Sad Forget The Night Ahead CD/LP
Ween Various Reissues CD
Alexis Gideon Video Musics CD/DVD

See what I meant? An overwhelmingly awesome abundance of music! And, it's all GOOD! I hope to see all your shining faces in the store sometime this deserve at least one tasty, new music treat, right?

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