Sep 29, 2009


This message comes via our good friends at Bloodshot Records. Please read and help if you can. Even a couple bucks will go a long way if we all pitch in.

As you may have heard by now, our friends The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir were in a terrible van accident over the weekend, resulting in their hospitalization, lost time from work, a scrapped van and ruined instruments.
Four of the six band members were treated and released over the last two days. The remaining two, Mary Ralph and Mark Yoshizumi, are still in the hospital but making progress. Our thoughts are with them and their families.
In the interest of helping them take care of medical bills and get back on their feet as smoothly and financially un-fettered as possible, we are taking up a collection via Paypal, and would greatly appreciate if you would help us spread the word to their fans.
There are three ways to dontate:

1. Sign in to PayPal and send donation to:
2. Send this email link to friends/contacts:
3. Click on the button in this news story:
We will be updating the above news link regularly with new reports and information as it becomes available.

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