Sep 30, 2009


Another week, another really awesome Tuesday release day. I'm a little late posting this blog, but better late than never, eh? Here's the new releases for this week that I am most excited about:

The Avett Brothers I And Love And You
I'll be honest here, I'd never listened to The Avett Brothers before this album (before this week, even). I've been hearing about these guys the entire summer- my friends freaking out over seeing them at Sasquatch, co-workers buzzing about how awesome they are and customers coming in and requesting a lot of their music. Well, after listening to this album, I finally understand all the talk around them. This album is folk rock at it's best. The opening track sucked me in with it's beautiful chorus and touching lyrics. I've listened to this album numerous times over the past few days and am slowly falling in love with their songwriting. Give in to the hype surrounding The Avett won't regret it.

Langhorne Slim Be Set Free
I love me some Langhorne Slim. He's an amazing songwriter and a fantastic performer (he's playing Urban Lounge on October 30th...hint, hint). He's the sort of musician you can't help but love. His last album has been on repeat in my apartment for the past few weeks (as I have just introduced my roommate to him) and I can't wait to get the new album and listen to it'll be a refreshing change.

Karen O and The Kids Where The Wild Things Are (soundtrack)
Another new release that I haven't had the chance to listen to yet, but am not going to bother listening to before purchasing. Karen O and all her music buddies, including Deerhunter's Bradford Cox, The Bird and The Bee's Greg Kurstin, a couple members of the Raconteurs and fellow Yeah Yeah Yeahs, collaborate on this sure to be AMAZING soundtrack for a sure to be AMAZING film.

The Almighty Defenders The Almighty Defenders
It's simple, really: Black Lips + King Khan & BBQ + Gospel Music = Another One Of Vanessa's Dreams Come True. This is a vinyl only release, but it does come with a digital download code! If you want a listen, come on down and I'll play it for you at the store!

I found this video of The Almighty Defenders' first live can only hope they will make SLC a tour stop...

Other great new releases...

Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions - Through The Devil Softly CD
Cymbals Eat Guitars - Why Are There Mountains CD/LP
Anti-Pop Consortium - Fluorescent Black CD/2xLP
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Love CDEP/12"
Dawes - North Hills CD/LP
Alice In Chains - Black Gives Way To Blue CD/LP
Emmitt-Nershi Band - New Country Blues CD
Shaky Hands - Let It Die CD/LP


Kelli said...

I saw and fell in love with The Avett Brothers at Coachella a few years ago, and was lucky to find one album at Slowtrain that I don't think they knew they had. It's a long road of addiction (especially if you see them live) but SOOO worth it. Yay. I'm glad people are catching on.

Vanessa said...

Totally...I think I'm going to start exploring their back catalog...

Kelli said...

I must say my personal favorite is Four Thieves Gone. But, I love them all.