Sep 18, 2009


That's right, my friends, Thee Oh Sees are playing a house show in Provo this upcoming Monday, September 21st! I am pretty thrilled that they're going to be gracing Utah with their presence.

The house they are playing at is located at 166 S. 100 W. If you're like me and haven't ventured out of SLC in a while, here are some directions for ya:

Simply head west on 500 S and jump onto I-15 S, exit on Center St. (be careful here- there are two Center St. exits- you want the one that says Provo on the sign), take a right on 100 W, and the house should be on the right side of the street behind the house facing the post office.

The show is supposed to start at 8pm and there will be two other bands playing. The Fresh and Onlys are on tour with Thee Oh Sees and we've been told there will also be a local band. Everyone coming to the show is asked to bring a $3 or more donation for the band. Let's be honest here, guys- we are lucky they are even playing in Utah, so let's make it worth their while and give them a good turnout and support them while they're on tour. If they were playing at a venue downtown I'm sure it'd be at least a $10 cover...

So, I don't know about you, but I'll be spending the entire weekend convincing all my friends to come with me. Here's a video of a house show they played while at SXSW in 2008:


Albino Father said...

i pooped a little due to excitement. gross.

Vanessa said...

Ha! It's did I. Shhhh.

Carson said...

aaahhh! Utah is secretly really cool. i wish i had some sort of star trek transporter or something