Sep 24, 2009


w/ Port O'Brien & Sarah Lov
Friday, September 25th @ In The Venue, $11.50

Sea Wolf's last album was an indie senstation! Er, something like that, right? I mean, I liked it and I'm also loving his newest album. I've never seen Sea Wolf live, so I'm rather excited to catch him live.

To be quite honest though, one of the opening acts, Port O'Brien, is the real reason I refuse to miss this show. I saw these guys open for Crooked Fingers last fall and they were LEGIT. They played fairly upbeat, catchy, folk songs, which I loved. Here's what they band's website says about their upcoming release- "It became somewhat of a two sided record with dark, haunting, and at times meditative songs paired up with the untiring, somewhat aggressive and punchy anthems that Port O’Brien is becoming known for. The last few years have seen many adventures for the band. The creation of this record came with continuing changes both within the band personally, and sonically." I'm defnitely interested to hear their new material and I'm sure they'll be playing some of it at the show!


w/ Grey Fiction & Stars Rush Into Her
Sunday, September 27th @ Kilby Court, $8

Talkdemonic is an instrumental band out of Portland, Oregon. I'd never heard of them until a month or so ago, when a couple good friends of mine made me have a listen. Their music is beautiful, entrancing and evocative. Check them out for yourself...

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