Oct 19, 2009


Released this past April, Now We Can See is The Thermal's fourth full-length album and the follow-up to their critically acclaimed release The Body, The Blood, The Machine. The Thermal's have become well-known and appreciated for their ability to sing about controversial and universal issues while maintaining their upbeat pop-punk sound. Listening to this album you can't help but bob your head...while thinking about the meaning behind their lyrics.

There's no way to talk about this band, or album, without discussing politics and the ever-changing state of our country. While The Body, The Blood, The Machine focused on the troubles and problems of a country in dark times (aka- the eight years under the Bush administration), Now We Can See, breathes a small sigh of relief that comes with the election of a new president, but also maintains a cautious and sarcastic tone.

This album is like the music version of those educational films teachers would show you in high school, where you would learn something and actually enjoy yourself. Check this album out if you haven't yet! It's 10% off this week as our "album of the week"...I have a feeling it's going to make quite a few Best of 2009 lists.

Here's the video for the title track, which: a) is my favorite song on the album and b) is probably the catchiest song you've heard in the last five years (fo' real).


Jared said...

Be at slowtrain soon to pick this up

Vanessa said...

Do you have "Now We Can See" stuck in your head yet? If I even think of that song I start humming.