Oct 22, 2009


I feel like I should write a love poem to Tuesday for being such an awesome day of the week, but I won't waste anytime, I'll get right down to business! Here's the new releases I'm most excited to get my grubby hands on this week:

Atlas Sound
, Logos
Bradford Cox, of Deerhunter, releases his second album under his side-project moniker, Atlas Sound. I was actually exposed to Atlas Sound via Grizzly Bear's Friend EP they released, where Bradford did a cover of "Knife." In my mind, Bradford can do no wrong. I haven't heard the album yet, have you? Gimme' some details, please. Also, have you visited the Deerhunter and Co. blog? You might wanna have a look.

Sufjan Stevens, The BQE
I don't know a whole lot about this album other than this: it is apparently "a cinematic suite inspired by the Brooklyn-Queens expressway and the hula-hoop." Yes, the hula-hoop. I am intrigued by that statement and by the album's cover art. It's sure to be interesting. I mean, how can something inspired partly by the hula-hoop not be?

Old Canes, Feral Harmonic
It was only a few days ago that I learned that Old Canes is the side-project of The Appleseed Cast's, Chris Crisci. I instantly wanted to listen to this album because I grew up hearing The Appleseed Cast around Lawrence and I would often see him around town- he was always my favorite local celebrity sighting. Regardless, I've always loved his voice and was excited to hear Feral Harmonic, which is the second release from Old Canes. Well, guys, the album is pretty amazing. Crisci's voice, which, to me, sounds like the voice of someone wise and caring, manages to draw me in while the fullness and boldness of the instruments carries me along through each song. One listen to this album and I was enthralled.Here's a little video I found of their CD release show at the Jackpot in Lawrence, KS:

Do Make Say Think
- Other Truths CD/LP
El Perro Del Mar - Love Is Not Pop CD/LP,
Jay Farrar And Benjamin Gibbard - One Fast Move Or I'm Gone: Music From Kerouac's Big Sur CD/CD+DVD/LP+DVD
Flight Of The Conchords - I Told You I Was Freaky CD/LP
Florence + The Machine - Lungs CD
Robert Francis - Before Nightfall CD
F##k Buttons - Tarot Sport CD/LP
Lightning Bolt - Earthly Delights CD
Nouvelle Vague - Nouvelle Vague 3 CD/LP
OOIOO - Armonico Hewa CD/LP
Elvis Perkins In Dearland - Doomsday CDEP/12"
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Summer Of Fear CD
Russian Circles - Geneva CD
The Slits - Trapped Animal CD/2xLP+CD

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