Oct 27, 2009


801-486-3030 or email info@centralofficesuppliers.com

As small business owners you can imagine that we go through a fair amount of office supplies. From pricing stickers, to toilet paper, to receipt books and on and on - we've got your standard office needs. And for longer than I'm proud of, we went to the conveniently located 400 S Office Max to fill our office supply needs. But at some point this summer when I was fretting over buying a gift locally I realized that as much improvement as we've made to change our spending habits - we were still giving way too much money to Office Max. In my head I justified that it was so convenient because it was so close, so I continued on with our chain store spending.

Then one day Vanessa demanded that we get a new phone at the store - we desperately needed it because we could barely hear anyone on the other end. So I went to Office Max and bought a replacement. That turned out worse than the original. So I went back and there was no "expert" there who could guide me to the right phone without overselling me. So I tried Office Depot, Radio Shack, Best Buy, and any other silly electronic store I could think of - all to no avail.

Finally I got on the Buy Local First website and started calling local office supply stores. When I reached Central Office Suppliers the man on the other end was incredibly helpful and assisted me in picking out an affordable phone that was the right size for our counter space and was quality enough so we could hear people on the other end. All of this over the phone! It was unreal. I'd spent almost all day driving around trying to find an expert and I never actually had to leave my couch.

The next day our phone was delivered to the store right as we opened. And now we are loyal customers. We've placed several orders since and they all get delivered the next day. They even offer emergency rush delivery (when possible) in case I forget something and need it immediately. For me that is way more convenient than the drive over to the 400 S Office Max.


Elizabeth said...

Way to be! That's awesome :) - I feel the same way about y'all - who needs Best Buy (or the like)??

Laurie said...

Nice! My mom worked for Central Office Suppliers for yeeaarrss...for a mom and pop store, they've always seemed to do really well.