Oct 14, 2009


So much great new music has been coming out the past few weeks, you'd think that it might slow down, but it just keeps comin'. Here's my two cents on this week's new releases:

Thao with The Get Down Stay Down, Know Better Learn Faster
I have, what I like to call, a total music crush on Thao. Seeing her live at Kilby last summer was a real treat and only made me love her and her music that much more. Her last album, We Brave Bee Stings and All, was a store favorite from last year and I am really excited about her new album. Our promo copy still hasn't arrived in the mail, so I haven't heard much of her new material yet, but this is definitely an album I can't wait to get my hands on.

Thao with the Get Down Stay Down in the studio from Kill Rock Stars on Vimeo.

Fanfarlo, Resevoir
Yet another totally new band to me, that I am already enthralled with. The album was produced by Peter Katis, which I normally wouldn't care at all about, except that Mr. Katis has also produced albums by The National and Interpol- two amazing bands that I (and probably you) love. The band used an array of instruments on the album, including saws (yes!), clarinets (rad!), cellos, mandolins, and ukuleles to create some really lush and beautiful songs. I imagine Fanfarlo to become everyone's new favorite band of the moment a few weeks from now. They're playing at The State Room on November 14, so make sure not to miss out on seeing them live. We've got tickets for you...

The Flaming Lips
, Embryonic
I'm listening to this album for the very first time as I type this. I am REALLY excited to hear it. I'm approximately 45 seconds in and the verdict is already in- I DIG IT. Are you really surprised, though? I mean, it's The Flaming Lips! Get in here, have a listen and then let's talk about how much we love this band and/or album, eh?

Get ready for next week!

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