Oct 29, 2009


Hey you! Let us pick your brain for a moment, please.

As you may know, each December we unveil a Best of the Year booklet. Staff and sometimes friends pick our favorite records and write a little bit about why they matter to us so much. Sometimes I put in pictures - sometimes we write about our favorite live shows - it is always evolving.

But this year - well, I just am not sure we should print a few hundred of these books. So I thought I'd use this forum to see what you, our customers, think about it.

Do you like the books each year?
Would it be okay if it was online only and not in print?
If we do print it, can we make it smaller (aka more affordable)?

What are your thoughts? We want to save some money on increased printing costs - but we also want to share our favorites with you. Smaller book? Digital book? Same old book as before?

TALK TO US!! Comment here - or email me at anna@slowtrainmusic.com.



paul said...

I love the booklets as a physical piece, but I would be happy to read it just as much online. It would allow you more flexibility, that;s for sure.

Basically, I want to see the lists and reasons, wherever you wanna put them.

derhay said...

I have not seen the books from previous years. I'd prefer a printed book, and I'd be more than happy to cover the printing costs for at least two books. I understand that it could be more effort and costly than you need right now, so an online book would be cool too. I love year-end best-of lists. If you need illustrations, or some design work for the books, I offer my services at no cost.

Anna said...

Paul - thanks!

Kevin- I hear you, and I think you'd really love our year-end book. Maybe we can do a small run, of 50 or 100 books, and ask folks to donate a couple bucks to cover the cost if they can. I don't want to "charge", but any assistance to offset the cost would be nice.


Emily said...

I love the books!!! You must keep it going in some form or another. I would not be opposed to an e-version though.

Kevin said...

Tweet your top 100 picks for 100 straight days. All the kids are doing it.