Oct 8, 2009


Dr. Dog & Jolie Holland
Friday, October 9th @ Urban Lounge, $15 (we're all out of tix, get yours at 24tix.com)

I've seen Dr. Dog twice in the year and a half that I've lived in SLC and each time I see them they seem to get better. Their last album, Fate, has sort of become a nostalgic album for me and one that I always turn to on any day I need something upbeat to sing along to. The band is putting out a new album early next year on the ANTI- label, so hopefully this we'll be lucky enough to hear some new material. Jolie Holland is opening and I'm eager to see her because I am totally unfamiliar with her music, but I've heard really great things about her. I love seeing musicians live before ever hearing an album- I like not knowing what to expect.

w/ Au & Dark Dark Dark
Saturday, October 10th @ In The Venue, $13.50

I, along with countless others, have fallen deeply in love with Why? after hearing their last album, Alopecia. Their newest release, Eskimo Snow, came out a few weeks back and I'm excited to hear their new stuff live. Hell, I'm just excited to see them in general. Technically this will be my second time seeing them, but let's just say it's my first because someone may have had a bit too much to drink at their show last time they were in town...

WHY? - "Song of the Sad Assassin" live at Dublab

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