Nov 12, 2009


Fairly light new release week, but there's still some goodies in there. Here's what I'm most looking forward to listening to:

Lissie, Why You Runnin'
I knew nothing about Lissie Maurus until last week. Here's what I've learned after hearing her debut EP was coming out this week: a) her EP is being released by Fat Possum Records (that, in itself, is a good sign to me), b) she has toured with Band of Horses and is currently touring with Ray Lamontagne, and c) her record was produced by Bill Reynolds (Band of Horses' bassist). All these three little tidbits of information add up to what could possibly be a really awesome record. Here's a little NPR article on Lissie, complete with a couple songs to preview.

Bibio, The Apple And The Tooth

Have you ever listened to Bibio? Well, if you haven't, you should start NOW. I've only heard about two of the now five albums he has put out. This newest release is his fifth album and I'm hoping it's as delicious as Ambivalence Avenue (his previous record) is. You can read all about this release on the Warp Records website (yes, it's the same label that put out the latest Grizzly Bear record) or check out a little sampling below. Did you notice how amazing the album art is? That, in itself, sold me on the album.

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