Nov 18, 2009


Hello, friends! This week's new release blog is all about a wonderful, new local release. Read on!

The Platte, GRUS

Local musician, Andrew Shaw (of Calico and Bluebird Radio) released his debut solo album under the moniker The Platte, just this past Monday at Slowtrain. The debut album is titled GRUS and, in Shaw's own words, describes the album as "a desolate musical landscape that is reminiscent of the Great Plains in winter and, along with it's sparse lyrics, evokes themes of loneliness and death." It is a beautifully crafted and delicate album that you'll have to listen to countless times to fully absorb all the little nuances that make it so completely wonderful. The album immediately reminded me of earlier My Morning Jacket mixed with Bon Iver and Calico. There's a dash of pop in there, too. It's hard not to tap your foot and hum along with every tune.

I put it in my car this weekend as I drove through the Avenues, finding myself sitting at stop signs and staring into the distance- the way I usually do when I'm listening to an album that resonates with me long after the first song. If you haven't had a chance to hear the album yet, I strongly encourage everyone to come in and have a listen.

Here's a video from Monday night's release show. Thanks to whoever took it and passed it along!

There were other cool releases this week too, including:

Them Crooked Vultures, Them Crooked Vultures
Tune-Yards, Bird Brains
Loch Lomond, Night Bats
Norah Jones, The Fall

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