Nov 23, 2009


Usually on Monday I pick out an album of the week that we showcase so that you can buy it for 10% off, however, this week I'm going to tell you that you can get EVERY CD FOR $9.99! There are only a few small restrictions:
CDs already sale priced will not be discounted (sale items are priced with an orange price tag)
Local CDs are will not be discounted
CDs over $20 will not be priced at $9.99, but they will be 20% off
Special orders and holds will not be discounted
That's it! Come down and do some Christmas shopping or get yourself something new to listen to for only $9.99! Remember, the quality of a CD is superior to that of an itunes download, and you actually have a physical product to hang on to or to sell in the future if you decide you don't want it. Why pay $9.99 for a download when you can pay $9.99 for a cd? This sale ends Wednesday night, so don't wait!

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