Nov 19, 2009


I've decided to do this blog a little early this week because tonight through Monday there are some AMAZING shows going on...

The Dutchess and The Duke
TONIGHT! Thursday, November 19th
@ Kilby w/ Greg Ashley & Young But Brilliant Sleuths, $9*
@ Urban w/ Will Sartain & Bluebird Radio, $9*

This is a band that I've been DYING to see for over a year now. I loved their last album, I love their new album- I love this band. I have to keep what I write about them short and sweet or else I will ramble for three paragraphs. I have a feeling this show will be one of my favorites of the year...

Joshua James

Friday, November 20th
@ Slowtrain, 6 pm, Free, All-Ages In-Store
@ The State Room, 8 pm, $13*

I'm pretty excited about tomorrow's show. I've heard Joshua James' music, but I've never seen him perform live. I'm really thrilled that we are hosting a free, all-ages performance with him- I suggest you, and everyone you know, take full advantage of this opportunity to see Mr. James in such an intimate environment. We'll have copies of his new CD, as well as tickets to the later, 21+ show at The State Room.

Here's a little sample of what we will see on Friday night...

Big Sky Tribunal CD Release

w/ Vile Blue Shades & Giant
Friday, November 20th @ Urban

Friday night is clearly the night to get your local music fill. If you aren't heading over to The State Room to see Joshua, then you better get to Urban to see the most exciting local lineup I've seen in quite some time. These are three local bands that I truly love and get excited to see. Vile Blue Shades always brings the jams (did I just say that?) and puts on an entertaining show. Giant is Utah's own Broken Social Scene...or maybe Utah's own Polyphonice Spree, with over 15 musicians onstage at a time. Big Sky Tribunal is Brian Oakley's (previously of Dead Horse Point) new band and they're releasing their debut album tonight! Word on the street is you can pay a $5 cover or pay $10 and get a copy of the new album, too! Sounds like a deal to me.

*I had originally also featured the Alela Diane and Marissa Nadler show on this blog, but I've just received word that their performance scheduled for this Saturday, November 21st has been CANCELLED.

***Don't forget about the Pink Mountaintops show on Monday!!! I'll probably do a special write-up for that show, which may or not be me rambling about how much I love Stephen McBean...

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