Dec 14, 2009


This week's Album of the Week is Rilo Kiley's More Adventurous and I must say it is sort of a sentimental record to me. It's the very first Rilo Kiley album that I'd ever heard and it made me into an immediate fan. The title track sings "I read with every broken heart I should become more adventurous..." and will forever be one of my very favorite songs, possibly just from that line alone. "Portions for Foxes" was (still is?) the album's single and is an intensely catchy number with Lewis singing about, well, a lot of things relating to relationships, including the ways in which she's maybe sacrificed what she truly wants as means of staving off loneliness.

Reading about this album recently, I learned that this was their first album released with Saddle Creek, which sort of makes sense seeing as how this record is a bit more polished than their previous releases. While this album is more refined, the folk-pop sound they've perfected is still there. Jenny Lewis' voice definitely takes center-stage on this album, with her voice ranging from sweet and sassy to dramatic. If this record accomplished anything, it's that Lewis' voice is capable of just about anything, including making this album a bit more alluring than it may have been without her vocals in the spotlight.

If you haven't heard this album, I suggest you get down here this week to check it out and take advantage of it being 10% off.

Rilo Kiley Portions For Foxes

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