Dec 21, 2009


Hey blog pals,

I know it has been a while since I've been on here. The holidays kinda took us by storm, which is awesome, but a little unexpected. Our sales are up from last year (yay!) and we're seeing lots of new and old faces. Really December has just been amazing to us and it gets us all jazzed about what 2010 will bring. We've got some plans...

Anyhow, I wanted to just touch base with the internet and let you all know of a few random things on my mind. Fair? Here we go!!

1. Our Best of 2009 selections are now available. Chris and Vanessa and I all wrote up blurbs about our top 10 albums for the year, plus we wrote about some of the most memorable shows we attended. Check it out here:

2. There's still time to sign yourself (or a loved one) up for our new CD of the Month Club. You can choose a 6 or 12 month subscription (depending on how much you want to spend) and we'll start sending you new "must-have" CDs in January. Makes a great gift - and we extended the registration deadline to December 27 - so if Santa doesn't leave this under the tree, you can always buy it for yourself. Sign up here:

3. Shopping local first! We're seeing the great effects of loyal customers that shop local first - and you know we always try and do our part to share that love, so I'm kinda excited to talk about a new business we just discovered: TV Specialists. Chris and I don't currently have a TV, but rumor has it that my in-laws are getting us a Wii for Christmas so we're going to need one and have been on the hunt. Thankfully a friend pointed us to TV Specialists in Sugarhouse where we'll be headed this afternoon to make the purchase. These folks have been supremely knowledgeable and friendly without trying to "sell" us. So if you need a new TV or some stereo or entertainment equipment - or even repairs - I'd like to suggest you give TV Specialists a try first.

4. Holiday gifts abound at Slowtrain. Just a reminder that we have CDs and vinyl on sale for under $10. Lots of great items to choose from without breaking your bank. We've just added to the mix some cute bowls made from 7"s, LP coasters, letterpressed postcards from Mary Toscano, and record sleeve note cards...Come check these out!

5. Lastly, let me remind you that we'll be having a crazy-huge End of 2009 Sale starting on December 26. We're still working out the final details of the sale - but discounts are sure to get bigger and better every day through December 31. On the 26th you're sure to see new LPs at 10% off, and new/used CDs at 15% off - we're working on other mark-downs too. So check your email/facebook/rss/twitter/etc to keep up with the latest as it develops.

And just in case I'm missing something I wanted to talk about, here's a link to our "news" - you may just see something you like:

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Anna said...

I keep thinking of more stuff I wanted to add to this. So here are some additions:

a) We've got special hours this week. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we'll be staying open late for you last-minute shoppers. We'll be here until 9pm those days. And we close early, at 6pm, on Christmas Eve.

b) It should be noted that we did almost ALL of our holiday shopping at the Kings English this year. Woo-hoo! I love that place so so so much. If you haven't been ever or recently - be sure to share some of your shopping budget with them, they deserve it!