Dec 31, 2009


We've never done this before - but there's a first time for everything, right? We are totally closing the store for 4 days starting tomorrow, January 1.

I'm super pumped to have some time off without the pressure of leaving town, or without the store even being open to worry about sales or orders or pricing or random questions that pop up every day.

So while we're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause any of you - well, our enthusiasm for a legit weekend is all we can really think about.

You may see us in the shop a couple days. Feel free to knock and wave. We'll be counting inventory, cleaning up, placing orders, etc, etc. Just generally preparing for some awesome things to come in 2010.

So we hope you all have an awesome and safe New Year's celebration. If you read this in time, stop by and check out our killer sale today. We'll see you all soon!

Things to look forward to in early 2010:

New t-shirt design
LOTS of new vinyl
live music during Sundance
Fur Turtle posters for sale at Slowtrain
and more...

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ahc said...

good for you guys:) much love to you and chris!