Dec 11, 2009


Happy Friday to everyone! As the holidays inch nearer (Christmas is in two weeks?!) the live shows dwindle off a bit, but fret not! 2010 is already filled with some awesome shows, which we just got tickets for including: White Denim, AA Bondy, Nouvelle Vague, The Strange Boys, Quasi, Appleseed Cast annnnnnnnnnd Girls (I will refrain launching into a tangent about how excited I am to see them live). Check out the ticket list on our website for dates, venues and ticket prices here.


@ Kilby, Friday, December 11
@ Urban, Saturday, December 12

This is another one of those shows I'm really excited about even though I haven't actually listened to their music. Does it seem weird that I'm writing about how much I want to go see them live if I haven't heard their music? I don't really think so considering all the things I've read and heard from people who's music taste I can always trust and who always introduce me to something new and unique. I'll be honest, I don't listen to hip-hop much since I grew out of my Jay-Z and Tupac loving stage in middle school. If I listen to hip-hop these days it's usually Mos Def, Why?, or Buck 65; hip-hop that is much more intellectually stimulating and interesting than say, um, music coming from Kanye West or Jay-Z. Not to say their brand of hip-hop isn't enjoyable- it can be fun, but it's nothing special. At least not to me. Themselves is a hip-hop duo that has been around for years and are apart of the anticon. record label, which tells me a lot about the sort of music they create- it's going to be unlike anything I've ever heard and it's going to mentally engage me. A friend loaned me a few of their CDs recently to check out before this weekend and I didn't listen to them- it's not that I didn't want to. I think it's more that I wanted to have absolutely no idea what to expect- I wanted a total surprise...I have a feeling it's going to be a really good one. They are playing at Kilby tonight and Uran tomorrow, so if you need a hip-hop fix make sure to catch one of their shows!

*After typing this, I found this video...all I can say is WHOA.

Themselves - Roman Is As Roman Does from anticon. on Vimeo.

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