Dec 18, 2009


The weekend I've been waiting for is finally here! I have been waiting for what seems like eternity for this particular weekend. Why's that? Because Birthquake is finally releasing their full-length album!!! This band has a special place in my heart for a few different reasons: a. they are all extrememly talented musicians, b. they never fail to put on an entertaining and energetic live show, and c. The Whittaker brothers are really wonderful people. I could expand on each and every one of those reasons, but I shouldn't...I have work to do! I will end by saying that if you miss out on one of these CD release shows then you are missing out on quite possibly having the best time of your life. Just sayin'...

Birthquake CD Release shows:

Friday, December 18th @ Kilby Court
w/ The Platte, The Spins, & Patterstats, $6

Saturday, December 19th @ Urban Lounge, $5
w/ Palace of Buddies & Mammoth

Also, did you catch the write-up about Birthquake in this week's City Weekly?

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