Jan 18, 2010


The first track I'd heard from Jeremy Jay was a song called "Beautiful Rebel" a few years back. I liked the song, but haven't really listened to any of his newer stuff since then. Slow Dance is Jay's most recent album, released in early 2009. It's hard to put a finger on exactly how to describe Jeremy Jay's sound. Generally his music, and specifically this album, have a 1980's new wave feel- there's a fair amount of synthesizer action and the endlessly amusing (at least to me) sort of cheesy and fanciful lyrics. This album is, without a doubt, a sweet and innocent pop album set to a winter-theme, with songs like "Winter Wonder" and "Breaking The Ice." The majority of songs are short and sweet with simple and repetitive lyrics. Jay's voice, music, and persona (as evident through his album art) make me laugh a little bit- mostly because it's all so stylized that it seems a little much for me, but the more I listen to his music the more I don't really mind so much. Slow Dance is an album your kids will stumble across in your collection years from now and judge by the cover, only to listen to it and realize it's pretty awesome even if it is a little ridiculous (similar to the way in which I found Neil Diamond in my mom's collection).

The video below is, from what information I can gather, an unreleased b-side. I couldn't find any videos for songs from this particular album, but you get the idea...

Come and have a listen this week. It's a perfect album for staying in, staying warm and avoiding the smog- it'll make you feel like you're in a swank lounge, when really you're just hanging out in your living room, dancing around and singing to your cats. Er, wait...is that just me? Oops.

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