Jan 5, 2010


2010 is here! So is another awesome year of awesome music and Albums of the Week! This week I've chosen Mika Miko's We Be Xuxa. Mika Miko is apart of the whole LA punk scene that introduced us to No Age, Abe Vigoda, and Wavves. I haven't listened to any of their previous albums, but they've apparently been around for years producing fast, short, simple punk gems. Sometimes albums like this are hard for me to dig into too deep because the songs are over before I know it and because I don't really have a clue what they're saying. But, I guess that's sort of what punk is all about- hitting you right in the face before you even realize what's happened.

After a week of cleaning (making Slowtrain sparkle and picking up the pieces after my New Year's Eve party), I wish I'd discovered and owned this album sooner, so I could've rocked out to it while I was getting down to business. But, it's never too late to discover something awesome and new. So, come down to Slowtrain and have a listen. Or just say hi...I haven't been in the shop since Christmas, so I'd like to have some chats with both new and old customers!

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