Jan 22, 2010


This time of year gets me really excited for the City Weekly Music Awards. You know we are local music lovers and this event gives local musicians the recognition they deserve. It's also a chance for us to vote on who we think is the best in town (who doesn't like putting in their two cents? I know I do...). There are a bunch of great shows happening in the upcoming couple weeks to give you a chance to check out all the bands you haven't had the chance to listen to or to revisit your favorite local artist. Click here for the full schedule and here for the full voting details. So, if local music is your sort of thing, make sure to take the time to vote and support Utah's music scene!

The closing party, where the top three most voted local bands will play along with The Helio Sequence, is at the Depot on February 20th. We have a limited amount of tickets for this closing night show for only $10 (NO SERVICE FEE!), so make sure to pick one up.

Also, don't forget about our extensive selection of local music at the shop. If you need a local music fix- we've got you covered. Curious to hear what some of the bands nominated for the CWMA's sound like? Chances are we've probably got a copy to share with you or sell you. So, come poke around the local music section and pick up a ticket to the CWMA's closing show!

Here are some videos City Weekly has posted online (yes, I'm reposting them) of a couple CWMA nominees...

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