Jan 26, 2010


Maybe you've heard, but Slowtrain is in the running for a "Love A Local Business" $35,000 grant to help out our store. We're trying to get as many votes as possible to increase our chances of winning. So PLEEEASE take a quick moment (about 30 seconds) to click here: http://bit.ly/4GcWww and nominate Slowtrain!

All you have to do is write a sentence or two about why you like our lil' record shop, then click submit. If you REALLY love us, you can vote from multiple email addresses.

So what are you waiting for!?! This is the last week of voting and we need your help.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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Gretchen Harding said...

Make sure those email addresses are valid. We use that email address to contact the person who nominated winning businesses. If that email bounces or is otherwise determined to be invalid, the business will not win the grant.

A better use of your time is to follow the lead of the many fans who have already written a few sentences (less than 250 characters) that really convey that they love Slowtrain. If your nomination is one of the 5 that is randomly selected at the end of January, that could mean the difference between a grant worth $5,000 and the grand prize grant worth $35,000. See our FAQs and Official Rules for details.

Thanks for loving Slowtrain!
Gretchen at Intuit