Jan 13, 2010


2009 was a DAMN fine year for music, but 2010 looks to be off to a pretty good start...

Laura Veirs, July Flame

For me, Laura Veirs, is an artist who's music I feel immediately comforted by when I hear it. It's like drinking your favorite cup of tea and wearing your favorite hoodie/slippers/whatever. Everything about her music is sweet and uplifting: her voice, the arrangements...it's all so lovely. If you were lucky like me and caught Laura at Urban Lounge a couple months back, you got to hear a really great preview of tracks from July Flame, which made the show extra awesome (at least for me).

Owen Pallett (formerly Final Fantasy), Heartland

I've heard people talking about Final Fantasy for months now, but never made an attempt to seek it out (big surprise, right?). I went home for Christmas and my friend Kelly kept telling me to check him out. Interestingly enough, we got in a promo for the new Final Fantasy this week and I had my first listen. Verdict? I like it- orchestral and dramatic; you can definitely hear an Arcade fire sound in there (he does all the string arrangements for them), which I am always okay with. There are definitely some songs that really stand out ("Lewis Takes Off His Shirt") and some songs that are easily overlooked, but I feel like that's always the case with me when I listen to artists that I'm unfamiliar with. I plan on giving this album many more listens this week...

Here's a live video of Owen performing Heartland's #1 jam at a music festival last summer...

Vampire Weekend, Contra

I'm curious to hear this new album. I was obsessed with their self-titled debut for a few months when it came out and I still love re-visiting that album. The thing that I like about Vampire Weekend, which people either love or hate, is that they have such a distinct sound. I haven't heard the new album yet, not even a single song...so, I'm interested in seeing if the sound from the last album has carried over or if they're doing something completely new or new-ish. Have you guys listened? Any thoughts?

*Also, don't forget, if you're into Vampire Weekend, they're playing a show in SLC on March 18th at In The Venue, tickets are $27.50.

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