Jan 30, 2010


10 Acoustic Performers
Sunday, January 31st @ Urban Lounge, $1

Urban hosted this same sort of performance a couple weeks back and it was such a wonderful night of music. There were a few rows of chairs set up right in front of the stage and I was able to snag one and happily enjoy the evening's performers with a perfect view and little distraction. It was an intimate evening, one where everyone (ahem, almost everyone) was there specifically for the music. I was really happy to hear that they were hosting another acoustic night with a completely different lineup of performers. Here is the list of performers for tomorrow night's show: Andrew Shaw, Sean Jones, Lindsay Heath, Ashlee House, Ben Kilbourne, Seth Pulver, Tim Meyers, Jason Rabb, Ryan Fedor, and Andrew Sato. I feel I should also mention it's only a $1 cover, too. How's that for a cheap show?

Also, there are some SWEET shows coming up next week- Nouvelle Vague and Prefuse 73? Hells yeaaaaaaah! We still have tickets for both!

Speaking of tickets, we've got a few more in for you:

Lyrics Born: February 5th @ The State Room, $16
The Low Anthem: April 2nd @ The State Room, $11
The Cave Singers: April 9th @ Kilby, $9

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