Jan 22, 2010


Brendan Benson (of The Raconteurs)
w/ Future of the Ghost & Birthquake!
Friday, January 22 @ Urban Lounge, $14

I've heard the name Brendan Benson so much in the past six months. I know nothing about him except that he is in The Raconteurs with Jack White. Honestly, this means very little to me because I'm not a huge Raconteurs fan. However, reading Jamie Gadette's write-up about him in City Weekly I've pretty much decided to go and check him out. It also doesn't hurt that Future of the Ghost and Birthquake! are openers for tonight's show. Word on the street is the that FOTG has four new songs they will be playing tonight. Here's a little video of Brendan and his band playing live in studio at KCRW in Santa Monica.

Beach House
w/ The Moondoggies
Sunday, January 24th @ the Star Bar
9 pm
(part of the Seattle Party/Sub-Pop Showcase at the Sundance Film Festival)

When I found out that Beach House was going to be in Park City earlier this week I sort of freaked out a bit. Then, I heard the show wasn't available to the public. Theeeen, I read that it is open to the public and you can get tickets online at Smith's Tix. After getting the promo for Beach House's upcoming album, Teen Dream, this week and listening to it NONSTOP, I feel like it would be a big mistake for me to miss this. Looks like I'm going to have to bundle up, brave the weather and the chaos in Park City to see these guys. Something tells me it will all be worth it.

Have you heard any of the new Beach House album? If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook I'm sure you've heard us raving over it- it is SPECTACULAR. If you haven't heard any of it, here's a little sample below. Make sure to pick up the album this Tuesday!

BTW- This video was directed by the female half of Beach House, Victoria Legrand.

Beach House "Silver Soul" from Sub Pop Records on Vimeo.

***Just a heads up that there are some awasome shows coming up at Urban Lounge next week:

Monday: Adam Franklin & the Bolts of Melody w/ The Astrals and Furs
Tuesday: White Denim!
Wednesday: AA Bondy

...more on these later. Enjoy your weekend!

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