Jan 7, 2010


I am always freakishly giddy when I type up any sort of blog discussing live music. 2010 is looking to be another awesome year of live shows in SLC and we've got tickets to for you (with the cheapest service fee in town...)!

Below is a list of the shows I am most looking forward to. You can find an extensive and thorough list of the tickets we have available on our website.

1/26: White Denim @ Urban, $9
I made the mistake of not catching these guys while they were in town last. All I've ever heard and read is that they put on a killer live show and I'm not missing out this time around. If you haven't listened to their 2009 release, Fits, you need to get on it! When people ask me how to explain the album to them, I just say "it's all over the place" because it is, but in a really good way. Seriously.

Also, this video should be evidence enough of how awesome this band is.

2/12: GIRLS @ Urban, $11

You will hear me talk/blog about this show excessively for the next few weeks. They are my current obsession and their 2009 record, simply titled Album, was my favorite record of 2009. The fact that this band is even playing in SLC is sort of a big deal seeing as how they've blown up in such a short time. I absolutely cannot wait to see them live and geek out.

I'm sure you've seen this video a million times already, but I'll never get tired of it...

3/10: Midlake @ The State Room, $11
I am pretty excited to hear some new material from these guys. It's been a long time coming to say the least. This show will also be my first time seeing them live!

3/18: Vampire Weekend @ In the Venue, $27.50

I'll admit I was pretty obsessed with Vampire Weekend's debut when it came out in early 2008. They have such a distinct sound and I couldn't resist the pop-appeal of the album. While I'm not sure I care much for their Ivy-league lyrics, I still dig their music and am curious to hear their new album due out later this month and to also see what their live show is like.

3/24: Dutchess and The Duke @ The State Room, $11
Despite the drunken bar noise during their show at Urban Lounge a few months back, I still managed to thoroughly enjoy their live set. I loooooove this band so much and I am ECSTATIC that they will be playing at The State Room this time around, so I can really hear and enjoy them without straining my ears to hear over all the chatter.

4/10: Miike Snow w/ Delorean @ Urban, $13
I love a good dance party and this show is going to be exactly that- one huge dance party...or so I hope. I hope I don't turn out to be the only girl dancing, while other people stand around me, whispering and pointing...

Metropolitan Death

Delorean | MySpace Music Videos

What shows are YOU most looking forward to? I'm interested to know, so please share!

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