Feb 16, 2010


The showcases are over and the time has come for the CWMA Closing Party. In case you haven't heard, the closing party is this Saturday, February 20th at The Depot. The Helio Sequence will be playing along with the top three most-voted local musicians, who are to be revealed in tomorrow's issue of City Weekly. I'm pretty sure I know who those top three bands are, but I will refrain from ruining the big surprise.

Slowtrain has a limited amount of tickets to this show for $10 (cash only, as always). Make sure to pick one up when you're in the store this week!

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Vanessa said...

In case you haven't heard, the top bands are Paul Jacobsen and the Madison Arm, Michael Gross and the Statuettes, and The Naked Eyes and Birdeater (the bands tied for the third spot).