Feb 10, 2010


Well, hello there. I know, I know- the blog has, once again, been mildly neglected. In my own defense, I started a new part-time job last week, so I was busy adjusting to that and keeping busy at the store. Regardless, I am here to inform you of some of my favorite new and new-ish releases here at the store. This week is the first time I've gone a day without listening to the new Beach House record. I think I have a problem, but I'm slowly weaning my ears away from it's awesomeness and listening to other new and well-deserving albums.

Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose, Bridge Carols

I'm listening to this collaboration right now for the first time. I'm a few tracks into the album and the first word that comes to mind in my attempt to describe it is ethereal- the quiet and delicate music mixed with Laura's voice makes you feel like you're in a dream...or waking up from one. Have a listen to the album below and tell me it doesn't make you super excited for the duo's upcoming performance at Slowtrain's Subterranean! Their performance is on March 26th- it's going to be an intimate and rare show, my friends. Get your tickets here or at the shop.

Phantogram, Eyelid Movies

I first heard about this band about a month ago from my friend, David. He had gone to see Zero 7 when they were in town and Phantogram opened for them. He had picked up there EP and shared it with me. A couple weeks later and we received a promo for Eyelid Movies, their first full-length release that came out yesterday on Barsuk. Phantogram's music is electronic blended with some hip-hop, soul, and shoegaze. How could you read that and NOT want to listen to it?

Yeasayer, Odd Blood

This album is up there with Beach House's Teen Dream- I can't stop listening to it. Anytime someone asks me about this album I tell them that it's definitely got that distinct Yeasayer sound, but mixed with 80's pop and Animal Collective. This album is so much better than what I could have imagined. I will be dancing around to this album for many months to come. If you haven't heard the single from this album yet, check it out below. Oh, and yes, all the other songs on the album are just as awesome.

Pantha du Prince, Black Noise

My first experience with this one-man electronic wonder was hearing the song he did with Panda Bear (of Animal Collective) called "Stick to My Side," which my friend Evan put on a mix for me. That track is particularly amazing, but I haven't listened to the entire album yet. However, if you click here you can listen to a full stream of the album courtesy of Gorilla vs. Bear music blog. If you're into minimal electronic music, then you definitely need to give this album a listen. I can't wait to get my hands on this record!

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