Feb 17, 2010


Lots of good releases on Tuesday. Here's the one I'm particularly excited about:

Toro Y Moi, Causers Of This

The first time I'd heard Toro Y Moi, I was at my friend Kayla's house and I believe we were discussing upcoming shows we were excited for. She said she was excited for the Ruby Suns show in April and that this artist, Toro Y Moi, was opening for them. She played some songs for me and I immediately liked it. Toro Y Moi is the musical project of Chazwick Bundick (Best name ever? Probably. I'm jealous) who resides in South Carolina and who creates beautiful, gauzy, lo-fi pop for you and I to enjoy. The "genre" that Toro Y Moi falls under is often referred to as "bedroom pop" (I'd like to know how these names come about) and it's a sound I've been loving lately. Other "bedroom pop" artists include Atlas Sound (Who I can't get enough of these days), Desolation Wilderness, Washed Out, Neon Indian and the list goes on. If you're into that sort of sound you will likely love Toro Y Moi.

I picked the song below to post on here because a: it's titled "Freak Love" and b. it's awesome- nuff said.

Other new releases I need/want to check out:

The Soft Pack, s/t
Mumford & Sons, Sigh No More
Local Natives, s/t
Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore, Dear Companion

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Kayla Porter said...

that show is going to rock so hard