Feb 18, 2010


After a couple weeks of being sick, I'm finally feeling better and my renewed health couldn't have come before a better weekend.

The PDA Show (part of Gallery Stroll)
Friday, February 19th @ Various Downtown Locations

This month's Gallery Stroll kicks off with a relevant and insightful show focusing on the ways in which people show their affection publicly. Stemming from the events and reactions after a kiss between Matthew Aune and Derek Jones on the LDS Temple Grounds last summer, local artist Laura Sharp Wilson came up with an idea for The PDA Show. Many local and national artists are contributing works to the show, which will take place at various locations downtown including NoBrow Coffee and Kayo Gallery. Take a minute to read the full details of this show here. This week's City Weekly also has a wonderful writeup about the show.

SLUG's 21st Birthday Party!
w/ Mammoth, DJ Flash & Flare, and Musclehawk
Friday, February 19th @ Urban

Come out and celebrate SLUG's birthday and make sure to wear your dancing shoes- these bands know how to bring the JAMS.

CWMA Closing Party w/ The Helio Sequence
w/ Bird Eater, The Naked Eyes, and Paul Jacobsen & the Madison Arm
Saturday, February 20th @ The Depot, $10*

I missed the CWMA Closing Party last year for some reason, but am not going to make the same mistake twice. This year's final lineup is as diverse as last year's, which, in my opinion, makes for a great night of music. Only attendees to the closing party can cast a vote for their favorite of the top three bands, so if you're wanting to vote you better be there. We're all out of our limited discount tickets, but you can still pick one up via Smith's tix.

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