Feb 26, 2010


Spring will be here very soon and along with it comes more amazing shows. Seriously, SLC is getting some love from so many wonderful bands these days.

Here's some tickets we recently got in:

The Morning Benders, April 5th @ Velour, $11
In case you haven't heard much about this band (which was me up until last week), here's a link to their website where you can listen and download a track from their upcoming album, Big Echo, out on March 9th. I've been listening to this non-stop the past week and know it will be on rotation all spring/summer long. I hope you'll become as obsessed with it as I am and I can find someone to carpool to Provo with for this show...

Megafaun, April 13th @ Kilby, $9
Last time these guys were in town they opened for Bowerbirds and it was one of my all-time favorite shows to ever happen on planet Earth. To define the sort of music they make as "folk" music just wouldn't do them justice- just know that, in my opinion, this is one of the most enthusiastic and impressive bands to catch live. Even more awesome is that member Brad Cook was perusing the shelves of Slowtrain a few weeks back...

DOSH & White Hinterland, May 11th @ Urban, $11
Yes, DOSH is headlining this show. No, I am not going to see him. I am going exclusively to see Casey Dienel and Shawn Creeden, better known as White Hinterland, bring their washed out, summery, R & B jams to Urban Lounge. Anna and I both have been raving about her upcoming album, Kairos, a lot, but with good reason- see for yourself here.

More awesomeness:

Frightened Rabbit, May 13th @ Urban $14
Owen Pallet (formerly Final Fantasy), May 13th @ Kilby, $13
The Tallest Man on Earth, May 17th @ Kilby, $11
Local Natives, May 22nd @ Kilby, $11
Josiah Wolf (of Why?), June 8th @ Urban, $8

As always, tickets are CASH ONLY.

***Just a heads-up to everyone interested in the Vampire Weekend show- I am 95% sure it's going to sell out, so get your tickets early! We've still got some left for just $27.50, so spare yourself the disappointment of waiting until the day of and get one NOW! For serious.


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