Mar 4, 2010


It's a fine spring (sort of?) afternoon and I felt it was the perfect opportunity to take a minute and write about some new releases...because, let's face it, there has been an abundance of amazing new music released in the past two weeks. Here's the new releases I'm interested in:

Holly Miranda, The Magician's Private Library

A dark and hauntingly beautiful album from an artist who I was entirely unfamiliar with until now. I'd heard a song from this album on KRCL, which I immediately liked, so when we got in the promo I couldn't wait to listen to the entire thing. There's a certain magnetism about this album, it sort of slowly draws you in- I think it's a combination of Miranda's rough-around-the-edges-vocals and the dark intensity of the music. The song that really caught my attention is "Slow Burn Treason," a duet with Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio.

Joanna Newsom, Have One On Me

Okay, so there are people that absolutely adore Joanna Newsom and there are some people that absolutely cannot stand her. I happen to fall in the later category. That is, until now. While I can't say that Have One On Me has made me a fan, I can say that this album is her most accessible. Both musically and vocally, this album is softer, quieter, and more toned-down than her others. Thus, I can actually listen to it and even enjoy it. So, if you were a Joanna hater in the past, I advise you to at least give this album a listen. You just might be pleasantly surprised. I couldn't find any links to post here for you to sample, but we do have a promo copy at the store I'd be happy to share with you...

Golden Triangle, Double Jointer

If you know me at all, then you probably know that I really love the lo-fi, garage-rock sound. I think Golden Triangle is another band that will be thrown into my own personal category of "Garage Rock Bands That Are Really Awesome" (also in this category are Thee Oh Sees and Black Lips). I find this particular genre to be bombarded with artists as of lately, so it's a special treat when a band is doing something that distinguishes it from the rest of the bunch. Here's what I think sets this band apart: 1) there is no painfully loud, I-can't-hear-what-they're-even-singing/screaming distortion, 2) two female vocalists (that actually sound good), and 3) guitar-driven, catchy and upbeat, but with a more polished feel (it's still lo-fi, but more listen-able than most),

Is it just me or does it sound like Gwen Stefani (circa No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom) is singing on that track?!?! I kind of love it...

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