Mar 18, 2010


A little late this week, but, at this point, I've made "late" the new "right on schedule."

Strange Boys, Be Brave

I've always liked these boys, but never really listened to them enough for that like to develop into love. Well, all that changed after seeing their performance at Urban Lounge last week- their live show couldn't have showcased their sound and energy any better. I haven't had a chance to check out the new album in it's entirety, but I'm certain it will be even better than their previous release. They've added a lady to the mix- Jenna Thornhill Dewitt, formerly of Mika Miko, joined the lineup for this new album adding female vocals and a saxophone (!!!).

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday

Rough and grunge-y guitar mixed with quirky and, mostly, sweet harmonies and lyrics give this album its appeal. The lead singer has a voice like Christopher Owens (from Girls)- one that adds an eccentric feeling to each track, but that could require listeners some time to get used to it. Their lyrics are playful and every song generates a different kind of energy. Take the song "Zit" which is an all-out intense jam followed by a slower and calmer track "Fun." Simple can often be boring, but in HB's case, I think they've managed to keep things simple, yet still exciting and fresh. Click here to preview this album or, better yet, come down to the shop to have a listen!

There's some awesome stuff being released next week, including new releases from: Goldfrapp, Bonnie Prince Billy, Love Is All, She & Him AND a live Bill Callahan album (!!!!!!!!).

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