Mar 26, 2010


Bonobo, Black Sands
Bonobo is the electronic project of British musician, DJ, and producer, Simon Green. I've read about him here and there, but never had the chance to listen to any of his music until this week. Black Sands is an album full of thick, groovy beats and heavy bass (apparently, his signature style) with varying tropical and soulful tones. I anticipate listening to this album non-stop throughout the upcoming warm-weather months. Listen to this and try to tell me you didn't do some serious in-your-chair-dancing.

Bill Callahan, Rough Travel For A Rare Thing
A live album from Bill Callahan? Can you say "dream come true"? This is a vinyl or digital (lame) only release and is fairly limited, so I suggest you snatch this one up quick. I'm purchasing my copy today and anticipate me spending some quality time with it this weekend.

Super Cool Release That Came Out A Couple Weeks Ago, But I Just Listened To And Really Like:

Gonjasufi, A Sufi & A Killer
I've been curious about this album since I heard it was produced with the help of Gaslamp Killer and Flying Lotus. I'm not really sure how to explain an album like this, it's probably the most unique and interesting release I've heard this year. A captivating mix of psychedlia and hip-hop laced with rough and ragged vocals, A Sufi & A Killer sounds like nothing I've ever heard.

Other cool stuff that came out this week:
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & the Cairo Gang, The Wonder Show of the World
Goldfrapp, Head First
She & Him, Volume 2
Love Is All, Two Thousand and Ten Injuries
The Radar Brothers, The Illustrated Garden
Let's Wrestle, In The Court Of Wrestling Let's

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