Apr 21, 2010


Josh Kolenik and Ryan Heyner make up the Brooklyn based duo, Small Black, that seemingly popped up out of nowhere in the last few months. My first discovery of them was through the lovely Kayla Porter, who turned me on to their self-released, self-titled EP back in December, most of which was recorded in Long Island at Kolenik's uncle's house. The band describes their sounds as "minimal Casio noise pop" and I'd say that's a pretty accurate description, although that description doesn't really do it justice. I had this album in my car for three months straight without taking it out. Once I took it out, I placed it in my alarm clock to wake up to every morning (yes, I'm a dork). That's how much I looooove this record. It's so good, in fact, that Jagjaguwar, who can do no wrong, signed the band and is re-releasing their album this upcoming Tuesday.

Below is the video for their single "Despicable Dogs," which I love due to the fact that Kolenik's uncle, who's name I can't seem to find, is the star of it.

Small Black: Despicable Dogs from Yoonha Park on Vimeo.

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