May 5, 2010


Lots of goodies for you (and me) came out this week. Sadly, I won't be able to post as many music samples on here because, the service I've been using, is shutting down (you can thank Apple for that). Hopefully, I'll discover another service that makes it easy to share music, but until then, I guess you'll just have to come visit us at the shop to have a listen...

Broken Social Scene, Forgiveness Rock Record

There is a special and tender place in my heart for Broken Social Scene. With that being said, I may be a bit bias when it comes to talking about their music. I'm that girl that loudly exclaims nonsensical praise whenever BSS comes up in any sort of conversation. So, yes, I love their new album- I'll leave it at that.

Flying Lotus, Cosmogramma

You know what made me interested in Flying Lotus? The fact that he had helped produce Gonjasufi's latest album (which, in case you were wondering, I still can't get enough of). Wanting to learn more about this musician, I took to the internets and found this article. It taught me: a. Steven Ellison is the man behind the music, b. his aunt was Alice Coltrane, the famous jazz musician and wife of John Coltrane and c. a lot about his approach to music on this new album.

Other goodies:

The New Pornographers, Together
The Hold Steady, Heaven Is Whenever
Josh Ritter, So Runs The World Awayan>
The Flaming Lips, Dark Said Of the Moon

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