May 12, 2010


The National, High Violet

The National is one of those bands that I wish I could say I've known and loved from their earliest albums, but the truth is that they're a band that I've only become familiar with in the past couple years. Alligator and The Boxer are the only past releases I've listened to and, while I liked them both, they never grabbed hold of me the way High Violet has. Apparently, I'm not the only one to feel this way, as we sold through our entire stock of their new album, on CD and LP, yesterday before we closed (fret not, we are fully stocked again today). Every song on High Violet stands out to me- none of them are ignorable. The lyrics are deep and sad, not different from their previous albums, but something is different for me- somehow the songs feel more relate-able, more powerful. This is yet another release that has already proven to be worthy of a slot on my year-end list.

Thee Oh Sees, Warm Slime

Thee Oh Sees are Slowtrain's most-loved and probably most-played garage rock band. Something about the combination of John Dwyer's high-pitched yowl mixed with the equally high-pitched, but more delicate vocals from Brigid Dawson makes for a perfectly strange sound that I can't get enough of. Warm Slime is such an appropriately weird title for this album because each song blends together in a way that makes it seem like there are no distinct tracks- it's continuous and flowing sound moves in a way that one might imagine warm slime would. How this group manages to put out a solid album every year never ceases to amaze me.

Phosphorescent, Here's To Taking It Easy

Do you like drinking beers, basking in the sunshine, and lounging around in lawn chairs? If you do, then I suggest you listen to this album. Don't be surprised if you find yourself throwing together a last minute BBQ with your friends afterwards...


Gayngs, Relayted

Holy Fuck, Latin

The Dead Weather, Sea Of Cowards

Male Bonding, Nothing Hurts

CocoRosie, Grey Oceans

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