Jun 2, 2010


As the music industry struggles to find a balance between digital and physical media little stores like us continue to chug along thanks to independent musicians, music lovers (like you), and the community feel we create around our shop.

We all know that Amazon and iTunes and other outlets get "exclusive" releases from bands all of the time. These are usually limited and with special packaging and often take business away from us indie record stores. But instead of complaining about these incidents, we've decided to tackle it head on by creating our own fun.

What does that mean? It means we've started a record label and we're producing our own exclusives releases. You won't find these at Amazon or Target or Best Buy...you'll find them when you go see a band live or at Slowtrain or at other indie record shops that want to carry our pieces.

We're proud to tell you, if you don't already know, that our first release will be a limited edition colored vinyl copy of the newest album from The Devil Whale. We're having a fundraising/pre-release party on July 18, 2010 and the LP will be due out in the fall of 2010.

Slowtrain Records is not your traditional record label (although, what is these days?). We are creating a community-based record label where fans are a part of the development process. Making records is expensive and Slowtrain Records is here to help incredible musicians and dedicated music-lovers come together to make vinyl happen.

We aren't a wealthy store and we don't have the money around to just produce vinyl as we wish. We need your help to make this release from The Devil Whale happen. To recruit your investment into our project we've put together an amazing and intimate show (a private party for only those who have pre-ordered the LP) with the band on July 18, 2010. This show will be held in our basement, Subterranean, and will be strictly limited to 75 people.

You can purchase a pre-order of the LP for only $20 and this will:

  • get you into the special private July 18 show
  • get you a special CDEP from The Devil Whale
  • reserve your pre-ordered copy of the limited vinyl album
  • and give you the satisfaction that you are helping to make this incredible project come to life

We are excited and honored to take on this new role. It makes sense that as a record store we start to offer our own music products. Yet we really can't do this without you, we know this community is supportive of our shop and local music, we hope you'll all step up and support our label endeavors.

Click here to buy the pre-order online from 24tix.com - or come on into Slowtrain and buy your $20 pre-order from us (cash only, please).

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