Jun 23, 2010


Best Coast makes hazy, lo-fi, surf pop music that automatically makes you wish you could skip out on work and head to the beach. The songs are short and sweet, but have just the right sound to keep you wanting more. I was introduced to Best Coast via a 7" my friend sent me last summer. In fact, after releasing a few 7" on a few different labels, the used to be solo-project of Bethany Cosentino, slowly grew into a duo when she enlisted Bobb Bruno (who's helped Mika Miko and Abe Vigoda in the past). Since then, the band has been gaining tons of attention and love from all around. Their debut album, Crazy For You, comes out July 27th and will feature my current favorite summer jam, "When I'm With You".

Have a listen and watch the video below:

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