Jul 9, 2010


So last night was the kick off show for the 2010 Twilight Concert Series - and HOT DAMN! I know many of you will complain that it was too crowded - but seriously, for the first night in a new location with that many people and such a rad lineup...I think we all owe the Salt Lake City Arts Council huge amounts of love.
I'm sure in future shows they'll get kinks worked out and the crowd won't be quite as insanely large...

But onto what this post is really about - our Isaac Brock Portrait Contest.

Yesterday we sent out a last minute contest to everyone on our email list (a good reason you should sign up) asking folks to send us their own Isaac Brock portrait in honor of the fantastic one hanging in the Portland Mayor's office. The lucky winner received a VIP pass to the show last night. We got some stellar entries so I wanted to share them - Click here to view our gallery of Brock.

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted a portrait, this was a super fun contest for us. We'll do some more throughout the summer. Now tell us...Which one is YOUR favorite?!?!

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