Sep 20, 2010


w/ Night Sweats & Laserfang @ Urban
w/ Young Yet Brillian Sleuths @ Kilby

Remember when Starfucker did an in-store at Slowtrain? Remember how they now play an all-ages show and 21+ show each time they stop in SLC? They are hard working, hard touring musicians who don't skimp on the live show experience. Unfortunately, I missed their shows last time they came through because I was trying to be a responsible adult (I had to work the Living Traditions festival the next three days straight). The band is hitting a few cities alone before meeting up with The Octopus Project for the rest of their tour. Have a listen to SRTFKR's new single, "Julius", here.

w/ Active Child
@ Urban, $11

Here are two bands that I've always been curious about, but haven't yet given either a dedicated listen. I'm mostly looking forward to seeing Active Child after having seen them do a video for Yours Truly. If you haven't visited their website, you should do so NOW.

w/ Suuns
@ Kilby Court, $11

I will just go ahead and say that I am obsessed with Land of Talk. It started with their 2008 release, Some Are Lakes, which will forever be one of my favorite albums of all time. Liz Powell's songwriting delivered with her slurred voice and combined with her precise and powerful guitar work makes for some of the most mesmerizing music I've heard. Their new album, Cloak and Cipher, is equally as interesting and I can't wait to see some new songs live. Also, the opening band, Suuns, is going to BLOW YOUR MIND. Or at least, I think they will. We just got a promo for their upcoming album last week and Matt and I haven't stopped playing it since. Sample a couple tracks for free here and then get to the show early!

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