Oct 5, 2010


I know, I know. Many of you are TIRED of hearing me go on and on about how amazing the Matador at 21 party was this past weekend...

As you may know - Belle & Sebastian played the fest and it was our first time seeing this powerhouse. They played old hits and new songs, it was just everything I wanted them to be live. To top it all off, Stuart Murdoch was a complete CHARMER. Oh lord, I don't think I'm his type - but if I were...well, sigh.

I only tell you all of this to tell you about ONE OF THE SERIOUSLY MOST BAD-ASS CONTESTS EVER.

Check it. Buy the new Belle & Sebastian CD or LP from Slowtrain and you'll get a special code that let's you into a page on the Matador website where you can write 300 words about love...easy, right? (note: Album comes out October 12)

The winner of the entire contest gets the behemoth of all prizes. You ready for this?? Get ready...

Stuart Murdock will fly to the winner's hometown, hang out with them for an afternoon (hopefully at your local record store that enabled you to win the contest, HINT), and then write a song about them, to be recorded and released on a special Belle and Sebastian 7" next year.


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