Oct 22, 2010


If you haven't heard the sound of our hearts breaking yet, well, hear it now: Jonsi has cancelled his entire in-store acoustic series.

We are tremendously sorry to all of the dedicated fans that spend HOURS waiting in line. I honestly don't know what to say to you. In a minuscule way to make it up to you we'd like to offer your Jonsi pass as a 25% off coupon. Bring it into the shop and make a purchase and we'll give you a hefty discount as our way of saying sorry and thanks.

*Usual discount rules apply: No sale items with orange tags, no consignment items, no tickets, valid through November 15.

Here is the apology from the Jonsi camp:

It is with regret that we announce the immediate cancellation of Jonsi’s series of acoustic performances at indie record stores under the banner ‘Go Closer’, scheduled to take place during his current US tour. We, the management, are going to take the blame here, since it was us who thought this was a great opportunity to counterpoint the weight and scale of production at his theatrical shows with something super low-key and intimate. We talked him into it. And we stand by the fact that it is a great idea… on paper. Jonsi himself, however, was always sceptical about how in would pan out in reality. And standing there nose-to-nose with fans in the cold light of day the other day in Origami Records, Los Angeles, he had the sudden and undeniable realisation that this is not the environment in which he flourishes. Arguably it was the most uncomfortable experience of his ten years in the public eye, and as a result we are unwilling to put him in the line of fire again. To those of you who saw it in Echo Park, cherish it, because it ain’t going to happen again. To those people who were looking forward to *going closer* in Salt Lake City, Austin, Asheville, Atlanta and Chicago we can only say we are sorry, and ask for your understanding and forgiveness. And remember it’s not Jonsi’s fault.

- John Best & Dean O’Connor


Anonymous said...

Hey all,
This letter sums it all up but again, sincerest apologies for this. I know Anna and Chris were so psyched for this, as I'm sure were all of you. But some things are out of our hands. Again, we are very, very sorry and come hell or high water we will make it up to you.

Michael Venutolo-Mantovani
Beggars Group USA

Anonymous said...

We stayed in line from 6am to 11am on Wednesday. Still, I'm not too terribly sad about it. I know it's the kind of chance I'll e again, never have again, but I truly believe Jonsi must stay true to who he is as an artist. For those that are true fans this was not a surprise, although sad. I still believe the concert will be amazing and he'll be doing it happily!

Anna said...

What a good attitude to have about it!

chrisdeuel said...

I have to give props to the entire staff at Slowtrain. They did a masterful job at planning this event. I personally waited for four hours in line but hold nothing against Jonsi or the store. If you are familiar with Slowtrain they give us so many gifts of concerts throughout the year that we can't be upset over one cancellation. I am still going to the concert tonight and will finally get to see one of my musical heroes take my breath away. -Chris D.

Markus said...

Yeah, waited in line for 4 hours too. I agree that Slowtrain did a great job organizing the whole thing and keeping it civil. I was super psyched to see him in this setting without all the production around him. Sure would be cool if we could use our passes to get into a signing/fan photo session with him after the main show tonight.

Never heard of Slowtrain before, so it was a great idea on their part to do this cross promotional sort of deal. Too bad my initial introduction went slightly sour :)