Nov 17, 2010


Earlier this year, when Shearwater and Wye Oak played at The State Room, I noticed something familiar about the girl selling merchandise for the bands. I told myself she just had "one of those faces" and left it at that. It wasn't until thirty minutes later, when she was introduced and asked up on stage to play a song, that I realized it was Sharon Van Etten. I'd ordered her debut album, Because I Was In Love, a couple months earlier after hearing a couple of her songs. I'm fairly sure I was one of only a handful of people to ever have heard her name before. Now she's getting a ton of press and deservingly so. Her songs may be quiet and simple, but her voice and lyricism adds something to her music that won't let you soon forget it. NPR recently invited her to perform as apart of their Tiny Desk Series and you can watch that here.

Earlier this year she was also featured on La Blogotheque and performed one of their famous Take Away Shows. Take a moment to free yourself from distraction and watch both cuts below.

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