Nov 2, 2010


It is with great regret and sadness that we must announce the cancellation of the Devil Whale LP on Slowtrain Records.

We, of course, will issue refunds to those of you that pre-purchased the limited edition vinyl version of the Devil Whale's new album.

Due to many time delays and financial setbacks, the band has decided to release their new album in March 2011. Slowtrain Records offered to help the band financially to get the LP released in December of this year, but ultimately the band decided that a December release would compromise their vision for the record.

Slowtrain Records is unable to work with a March timeline considering so many customers and fans paid for this album in the summer of 2010. Rather than continue to lead everyone on with promises of a distant release that is completely out of our hands, we are canceling this LP release and issuing refunds. If you pre-ordered a copy of the LP and would like a refund, please click here: and complete the form. We will process the return of your money ASAP.

This, however, does not mark the end of Slowtrain Records. Up until this point we've been waiting on The Devil Whale to get our 2nd release with Alexis Gideon underway. Now that there is no Devil Whale LP, we have submitted all of Alexis' files to the record pressing plant and his beautiful album is in the pre-production stages. We're excited to announce that Video Musics II: Sun Wu-Kong will be out this December. It is a limited edition, double LP on pink vinyl with a DVD and digital download included. We are proud and honored to get this in your hands and on your turntable.

Stay tuned for more news on this exciting release...

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