Dec 15, 2010


So many of you probably don't know, but I work a "day job" know, like a regular job outside of Slowtrain. I am the office manager at the Junior League of Salt Lake City. And the other day I was looking online for ideas on what to buy my boss there as a Christmas gift. I was scouring local shops' websites trying to find some sort of inspiration and got, well, nothing.

What I wanted was for some of my favorite boutiques to have a list online of gift ideas for various people in my life, including my boss. I thought, this would make holiday shopping so much easier!

So I must practice what I preach, right? Of course!

Sooooo, voila! Click here for our expansive Holiday Gift Guide. PLEASE comment with your gift suggestions for other readers or if you think I missed something or made a mistake. The more info out there, the more it can help shoppers who need a helping hand. Enjoy!

And as a final closing comment, let me say that if you are still stuck for the perfect gift - please consider making a donation on behalf of that special someone to a charitable cause that does great things to benefit this wonderful community we live personal favorite, of course, being the Junior League of Salt Lake City.

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