Dec 30, 2010


So, we tried to come up with an extra special part of our already GIANT sale yesterday and we came up with this: spend $50 or more at the shop and gain yourself entrance to our upcoming VIP only party with the lovely Laura Gibson on Friday, January 14th! Seeing as how the snowstorm may have hindered your ability to make it in, we're extending this offer through the end of the day today!

This is the perfect opportunity to have a taste of what it's like to be a Slowtrain VIP, for all those people that missed out on signing up earlier this year. The VIP parties we have are truly a special experience- giving you the chance to see musicians in an up-close and intimate setting, as well as mingle with fellow music and Slowtrain lovers like yourself. We provide drinks and snacks, encourage guests to bring a lil' something to share and spend an evening enjoying music and the company of old, and sometimes new, friends.

So, how's that for a giveaway? Spend $50 on already cheap music and get invited to an exclusive and free show in our Subterranean with Laura Gibson!

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